Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stories of success to relate. Others are using these techniques.

I wanted to relate some of the experiences I have had with other people using these techniques in the blog as well as other techniques I have been learning. I think it's cool that it is making a difference and that it is working. Even when people aren't sure of their role!

For instance:

The other day I was talking to a guy who I have never met about possibly doing some work for his ad agency. He and I had fallen into the typical jawing about people in the industry. He was trying to recall the name of a famous ad guy and so I started banging my hands together (described in prior post) to show him how it could help him remember things that were on the tip of the tongue.

He didn't even question it! He just followed my lead and did it. Before he even got to tap #10, the name came out. Boom. It was funny because at that point, I was hemming and hawing about why it works. Not wanting to get too "technical" for fear he'd think I was, you guessed it, that nut-case lady. I am learning to use my instincts on who I tell more info to on this stuff. If I can help move the ball so to speak without alienating those not as open as I, then I think it's ok to keep some "facts" hush.
(I HAVE to speak as all this is fact. I know I have no "true" proof. But we all have to work with what we have, right? You choose what you want to believe from this and go from there. It's all good.)
But I was blown away that this guy even did it. I would've thought most people would not "play" along.

Another great outcome of this blog and my new learnings is that my husband has quietly been listening to all I come home talking about. He hears my conversations with friends, reads the blog (altho' I never know when), etc. Lo and behold, he has soaked it all up and has used a lot of it almost without meaning to. It has just softly and by osmosis settled in to his daily life.

He has told me several instances where he has found himself putting ideas into practice and how well it has helped. Which is amazing to me, because I think he uses it more than I do!!

He LOVES the side of the hand tapping to get the right words out when they are "lost."

He grounds himself and breathes the white light into the top of his head when people at work or situations come up that would otherwise make him VERY angry or frustrated.

Even today, I saw him using his breathwork while on the phone with a client. It was GREAT.

He uses the technique of breathing in for 4 counts deeply while saying "relax, relax, relax, relax" then breathing out for 4 counts while saying, "release, release, release, release."

I have found that perhaps my role in life seems to be instigator. I learn all this, teach or compel others to implement it, but then do not necessarily apply it as much to my own life. I guess I can live with that. If it starts a chain reaction--a ripple in the pond--then I am happy. And then, in some way, it has also helped me. Being happy is one of my ultimate end goals. Isn't it for everyone?

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