Saturday, February 9, 2008

Polarity Channels Class


We had our first group class. Susanne was out of town on business and could not attend. But I was there and maybe a bit apprehensive. I mean, I didn't know what to expect or WHO to expect. Of course, who doesn't think they are normal and that everyone else must be freaky, right? Well not the case. A nice small group of interesting, genuine, sweet-spirited people showed up. Many of whom had taken Steve's earlier beginner class. I was a newbie along with one other gal, Lisa. Although she seemed pretty knowledgeable about what was going on and was obviously friends with Steve.

Steve's wife Marcia participated and I was so glad to finally get a chance to know her. She is equally as talented, intuitive and healing as Steve.

Steve had no class outline in his head and so he said he'd let "fate" take us where we needed to go. And it led us into Polarity Channels/feminine-masculine energy channels of the body. What the?!?! Yep. I know. Actually fairly scientific. We all know we're made of energy, right? That's like science 101. So we have positive and negative electro magnetic energy in our bodies like a battery. You have the + side and the - side electrically speaking. So what does that have to do with health and bodily function?

Your right side is you masculine side or positively charged side. (And I don't mean positive/negative as good/evil.) Your left side is your feminine or negatively charged side. I won't go into the entire deal here, but suffice it to say, have you ever had those days or moments when you feel what I call "wonky?" Off balance? Words don't come out right, you feel a bit dyslexic? Well, perhaps the two poles aren't connecting right. And if they aren't, then your health suffers. Your functioning suffers. The longer and more off the body's polarity channels are, the less healthy you might be.

Within your body, you also have 2 energy "crosses" that I guess help connect both sides of you. One is down in your pubic bone area and one is across your solar plexus area. If these crosses are "blocked," then you can get "Switched." YIPES. Emotions, traumas, life's stuff can switch you, block you, mess you up. You can get what Steve calls "chronically switched." Like being short circuited.

How can you fix yourself? Well, deal with your "issues" for one. But also, every day for a few weeks, Steve suggests we do a few exercises to switch us back into healthy states.

Here's one. And I have to say, I get those wonky moments a lot. I had one just this very morning. I often get them when I talk to my mom who tends to send me off down the road of insanity. So I have started these exercises. They work. Yes, they really, really do.

Try it: Take both your hands and bang the fleshy outer part that runs from your pinky finger down to where your hand meets your wrists together 15 times. Then, take 2 fingers and tap 15 times under your nose just above your top lip. Just do it and quit being weird. Don't you feel better? Clearer headed? Those are like acupressure points I suppose that help unswitch you.

You can also make sure that when you walk you swing your arms as you move. Opposite arm with opposite leg. It's like it balances the brain because left and right are going together.

Try also standing up and march in place with legs lifted high as you swing the opposite arms. Make big movements here to get those channels back on track.

You are now good to go as polarity channels are concerned--for now. Whenever you feel upset or off, unswitch yourself. How easy was that?

If anyone is reading, I'd like to know how it worked for you. Please do leave a comment!

(Please know that I am NOT a practioner, just a gal blogging away about my own experiences. Trying to help me first and foremost, and hopefully anyone else reading.)

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Anonymous said...

Since I've heard your descriptions of getting "switched" I have noticed it in myself. So I started doing the tapping thing. It seems to work.

I enjoy your blog.