Sunday, February 24, 2008

READING MUSTS! Urban Shaman. Imagineering for Health.

Two posts in one night and I have not posted in a week! Wow.

I want to say how much I am enjoying and getting out of 2 new books on our reading list. Urban Shaman and Imagineering for Health. These two books can really, really help you if you have health issues or even just want to get closer to the life you want and the things you want in this life.

I started out 3 years ago with a book called Ask and it is Given. The law of attraction was the basis for this. Whatever you give your attention to, you will draw to you. The kicker is, even things you don't want will come to you if you're not careful. You give enough attention to anything, and you'll get more of it. Say you really hate that you can't sleep. You ask daily and you hope daily for a good night's sleep. It's all you think about. I wish I could get a good night's sleep. I don't sleep good. Wow, I slept terribly last night, etc. What you have focused on is your LACK of sleep. Over and over. So you get no relief. TRUST ME, this is how it works. I did it to myself for about 3 years and still have issues because I keep focusing on the lack of sleep.

Well, Sergi King in his two books, further explains all this "you create your own reality" stuff. He does it in a way that truly makes it make sense. And then he gives you ways to work with it. And when it comes to your health, he explains why every sickness you get is based on emotions, beliefs and stress that have tensed up your body over time. Every sickness. Which means you can CHANGE sickness. You can heal yourself. He even gives some reasons why people get cancer, stomach porblems, chest colds, etc. Quite fascinating.

I recomend this reading. If you are following this blog, you MUST read these books. Ok? Click on links, right now, and buy them. Then let me know how they have changed your life. Because they will if you let them. I PROMISE.

Stories of success to relate. Others are using these techniques.

I wanted to relate some of the experiences I have had with other people using these techniques in the blog as well as other techniques I have been learning. I think it's cool that it is making a difference and that it is working. Even when people aren't sure of their role!

For instance:

The other day I was talking to a guy who I have never met about possibly doing some work for his ad agency. He and I had fallen into the typical jawing about people in the industry. He was trying to recall the name of a famous ad guy and so I started banging my hands together (described in prior post) to show him how it could help him remember things that were on the tip of the tongue.

He didn't even question it! He just followed my lead and did it. Before he even got to tap #10, the name came out. Boom. It was funny because at that point, I was hemming and hawing about why it works. Not wanting to get too "technical" for fear he'd think I was, you guessed it, that nut-case lady. I am learning to use my instincts on who I tell more info to on this stuff. If I can help move the ball so to speak without alienating those not as open as I, then I think it's ok to keep some "facts" hush.
(I HAVE to speak as all this is fact. I know I have no "true" proof. But we all have to work with what we have, right? You choose what you want to believe from this and go from there. It's all good.)
But I was blown away that this guy even did it. I would've thought most people would not "play" along.

Another great outcome of this blog and my new learnings is that my husband has quietly been listening to all I come home talking about. He hears my conversations with friends, reads the blog (altho' I never know when), etc. Lo and behold, he has soaked it all up and has used a lot of it almost without meaning to. It has just softly and by osmosis settled in to his daily life.

He has told me several instances where he has found himself putting ideas into practice and how well it has helped. Which is amazing to me, because I think he uses it more than I do!!

He LOVES the side of the hand tapping to get the right words out when they are "lost."

He grounds himself and breathes the white light into the top of his head when people at work or situations come up that would otherwise make him VERY angry or frustrated.

Even today, I saw him using his breathwork while on the phone with a client. It was GREAT.

He uses the technique of breathing in for 4 counts deeply while saying "relax, relax, relax, relax" then breathing out for 4 counts while saying, "release, release, release, release."

I have found that perhaps my role in life seems to be instigator. I learn all this, teach or compel others to implement it, but then do not necessarily apply it as much to my own life. I guess I can live with that. If it starts a chain reaction--a ripple in the pond--then I am happy. And then, in some way, it has also helped me. Being happy is one of my ultimate end goals. Isn't it for everyone?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CORRECTION: How to Switch by Tapping

Boy, I just realized in my Polarity post that I misdirected how to do the tapping. You tap under your NOSE above your upper lip, NOT under your lips. SORRY.

Softly bang fleshy outer part of hands from base of pinky fingers to where wrist meets hand 15X, then tap gently under your NOSE above your upper lip 15X to help you get your channels back in line.
Of course, if you now do not trust me, do the other exercise of marching. It WAS right. Guess I needed to before I posted!

AIM Energetic Balancing

So this is new to me. I just listened to a podcast on Theatre of the Mind (see link on our blog) about AIM Energetic Balancing developed by a guy named Stephen Lewis.

I can't even begin to explain it to you, but suffice it to say, it is a mathematical/energetic formula for healing genetic health issues. Basically we all come into our bodies with genetic predispositions for certain diseases or health issues and whether or not they manifest depends on if we allow certain emotions like anger, bitterness, etc. to take hold and weaken the barrier keeping the disease at bay. And I do believe that all disease comes from unresolved emotion/trauma, so this idea he has sits ok with me.

Anyway, why I post is because he offers his services FREE for any child with Autism. Now, how could you NOT try this if it is free?

It sounds completely BIZARRE when you hear how it works, but I have a gut feeling about this guy. And you know how I feel about trusting my gut.

I encourage you to check out the podcast and if you know anyone who has children with Austism, please send them to his site. And then please do let me know any feedback. Or if you have had any experience with AIM.

Here is a direct link to the podcast and to his site.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Polarity Channels Class


We had our first group class. Susanne was out of town on business and could not attend. But I was there and maybe a bit apprehensive. I mean, I didn't know what to expect or WHO to expect. Of course, who doesn't think they are normal and that everyone else must be freaky, right? Well not the case. A nice small group of interesting, genuine, sweet-spirited people showed up. Many of whom had taken Steve's earlier beginner class. I was a newbie along with one other gal, Lisa. Although she seemed pretty knowledgeable about what was going on and was obviously friends with Steve.

Steve's wife Marcia participated and I was so glad to finally get a chance to know her. She is equally as talented, intuitive and healing as Steve.

Steve had no class outline in his head and so he said he'd let "fate" take us where we needed to go. And it led us into Polarity Channels/feminine-masculine energy channels of the body. What the?!?! Yep. I know. Actually fairly scientific. We all know we're made of energy, right? That's like science 101. So we have positive and negative electro magnetic energy in our bodies like a battery. You have the + side and the - side electrically speaking. So what does that have to do with health and bodily function?

Your right side is you masculine side or positively charged side. (And I don't mean positive/negative as good/evil.) Your left side is your feminine or negatively charged side. I won't go into the entire deal here, but suffice it to say, have you ever had those days or moments when you feel what I call "wonky?" Off balance? Words don't come out right, you feel a bit dyslexic? Well, perhaps the two poles aren't connecting right. And if they aren't, then your health suffers. Your functioning suffers. The longer and more off the body's polarity channels are, the less healthy you might be.

Within your body, you also have 2 energy "crosses" that I guess help connect both sides of you. One is down in your pubic bone area and one is across your solar plexus area. If these crosses are "blocked," then you can get "Switched." YIPES. Emotions, traumas, life's stuff can switch you, block you, mess you up. You can get what Steve calls "chronically switched." Like being short circuited.

How can you fix yourself? Well, deal with your "issues" for one. But also, every day for a few weeks, Steve suggests we do a few exercises to switch us back into healthy states.

Here's one. And I have to say, I get those wonky moments a lot. I had one just this very morning. I often get them when I talk to my mom who tends to send me off down the road of insanity. So I have started these exercises. They work. Yes, they really, really do.

Try it: Take both your hands and bang the fleshy outer part that runs from your pinky finger down to where your hand meets your wrists together 15 times. Then, take 2 fingers and tap 15 times under your nose just above your top lip. Just do it and quit being weird. Don't you feel better? Clearer headed? Those are like acupressure points I suppose that help unswitch you.

You can also make sure that when you walk you swing your arms as you move. Opposite arm with opposite leg. It's like it balances the brain because left and right are going together.

Try also standing up and march in place with legs lifted high as you swing the opposite arms. Make big movements here to get those channels back on track.

You are now good to go as polarity channels are concerned--for now. Whenever you feel upset or off, unswitch yourself. How easy was that?

If anyone is reading, I'd like to know how it worked for you. Please do leave a comment!

(Please know that I am NOT a practioner, just a gal blogging away about my own experiences. Trying to help me first and foremost, and hopefully anyone else reading.)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weird Sleeping Suit

So this really has nothing to do with my blog, except that one of the things that happened to me when I "got sick" and started trying new healthcare tracts, was that I could not sleep. And I am someone who used to sleep 10 hours like a baby. I LOVED to sleep. I LOVED naps. Now, I'm lucky to get a "normal" night of 7 hours.

That said, I just happened across the newest sleep technology. A Sleeping Suit that mimics your skin and helps you sleep. Travel Lodge in UK is testing it out for their guests. Now how weird is THAT??

Here's the story.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aura Photography


Susanne and I had our auras photographed by a local woman in NC who has this special equipment. It was really cool and we did it mainly to see if our auras were the color we had been "seeing" and if, down the road, all this work and breathing and healing would ultimately change our auras. So here is mine. Orange/yellow, just like Steve and Susanne saw!

How it works is you place your hand on a special box that reads your biofeedback basically. Or your electromagnetic field. This, through research, has been shown to be representative of your whole aura/field. She then uses a special camera that captures the colors. There is science behind this type of equipment, but I know many of you are thinking it's a bunch of hooey. All fine with me. I had Steve and Susanne both "read" my aura, however, and the camera captured those colors.

You can check it out at this link.

So my aura is mainly orange. According to the report that came with this photo, I am artistic, creative and have a lot of excitement in my "field." Amazingly enough, I am in advertising as a creative writer and I am starting my own business, so there's lots of excitement there!

The report was quite detailed, about 20 pages, and seemed to really fit who I am and where I am right now. It also shows your chakras and how open or balanced they are. Of course, the doubting side would say that this is like astrology. General enough comments that you can find something that matches your personality. But if you've read earlier posts, I am embracing the idea of believing versus doubting. So you can decide for yourself.