Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aura Photography


Susanne and I had our auras photographed by a local woman in NC who has this special equipment. It was really cool and we did it mainly to see if our auras were the color we had been "seeing" and if, down the road, all this work and breathing and healing would ultimately change our auras. So here is mine. Orange/yellow, just like Steve and Susanne saw!

How it works is you place your hand on a special box that reads your biofeedback basically. Or your electromagnetic field. This, through research, has been shown to be representative of your whole aura/field. She then uses a special camera that captures the colors. There is science behind this type of equipment, but I know many of you are thinking it's a bunch of hooey. All fine with me. I had Steve and Susanne both "read" my aura, however, and the camera captured those colors.

You can check it out at this link.

So my aura is mainly orange. According to the report that came with this photo, I am artistic, creative and have a lot of excitement in my "field." Amazingly enough, I am in advertising as a creative writer and I am starting my own business, so there's lots of excitement there!

The report was quite detailed, about 20 pages, and seemed to really fit who I am and where I am right now. It also shows your chakras and how open or balanced they are. Of course, the doubting side would say that this is like astrology. General enough comments that you can find something that matches your personality. But if you've read earlier posts, I am embracing the idea of believing versus doubting. So you can decide for yourself.


Kathy said...

That is awesome. I would love it someone around here did that. By the way, you look so pretty!

lblack5255 said...

I would bet you can find someone near you who does Aura photog! And as for me being ARE a good friend. Susanne and I had been out the night prior and I was feeling a bit icky. Only 3 glasses of wine and I am under the table these days!

Try searching Google for Kirlian photography.

here is a link