Monday, January 14, 2008

Woo-woo stuff

I found myself talking in a roundabout way to a fellow employee about one of his office tribulations today...trying to "talk" him through some stress by offering breathwork and grounding in a way that might not make me seem too "nuts." I find I am careful who I discuss any of this with because I fear the "look." The "she's a nut job" look. I suppose as I get more comfortable and confident in this alternative view of health, spirit and mind, I will not care what anyone thinks. But for now, I almost feel the need to apologize or frame things in what I consider a less threatening way for those who haven't embraced these ideas.
I offered him the scientific reason behind taking good, full breaths. He seemed ok with that. Then I treaded on thinner ice and suggested when he felt stressed out to think about his feet. "Why," he asked. "Because it brings all that swirling, um, frantic kind of, you know, energy, down and um, balances you a bit better. You know, grounds you," I said slightly mortified. "Right," he said backing away. "I know it sounds weird, but just try it...for me," I laughed it off.

I got his call a few hours later. "Wow, I thought about my feet and I think I felt better."

Wow. Now I feel better. Stronger and more confident. I helped someone. And I helped me at the same time. I think something is working here--all this woo-woo stuff as one friend likes to say--and I like it.

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