Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trust your gut


Susanne and I had our second "installment" in our catch-up class with Steve. This class was, for me, a lesson in trust. To trust what you know. And I mean "know." We all have heard or felt that little voice or tugging in our gut, right? Well, that's something to pay attention to and to be open to more and more. I tend to be more doubting of my intuitive gifts and I hate to be wrong, which together can lead me to be less than open or believing in my true, natural abilities to know answers on the spirit/inner voice level.

We learned how to read auras, among other things in this class, but because I know Steve can read auras (or the energy field around the body that often shows up as colors: see this link for more on auras.) I would second guess myself and not believe I had the "answer" when asked, "What color is Susanne's aura?"

I let my conscious mind get in the way, stumbling through with sweaty palms. It's not that I'm not open, because I am. It's my feet that are so firmly planted in this "reality" that tend to get me. While Susanne is not so quick to judge herself and blurts out the colors she "sees." Which also makes me less able to give up my answers. Ahhhh. My lessons are many, I am seeing.

But what I have taken away from this class is to truly BELIEVE what I sense or see or hear from my inner guide. Why not? Who cares if Steve sees red in an aura and I sense green? I have to start somewhere and the less closed off I am or worried about getting it "right," the better I will tap into what is and always has been, mine. (And what you have is YOURS.)

Here's a quick story that happened right after I had this class.

I went to pick up laundry and a sandwich place was right next door. Something in me said, go in and get something for lunch. But me, trying to save the money and not listening to my inner knowing, literally pulled myself away and forced my body into my car. Home I went to prepare a sandwich. You guessed it. No bread, no lunch meat, nothing to eat. My husband had cleared the cabinets! If only I had listened to myself.

And I know this seems trivial. But I think your inner guide works no matter the perceived importance of the issue. It knew (ok, I knew) and I chose to not listen. It happens all the time to all of us. My plea to you, is to LISTEN. It's your God-given right and your God-given gift. Don't ignore what you "know," just because it comes as a little voice in your head or a feeling in your stomach. Follow it. Why not at least try it? I am. And if I can suspend disbelief in myself and abilities, so can you.

Trust me.
Because something inside me says so.

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