Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I was drawn to this blog

I tried unsuccessfully to do a "journey" for guidance this morning before I got out of bed. Work was on my mind, so perhaps that is why. I admit that it is frustrating or discouraging to feel you haven't been able to connect with your inner knowing/spirit. I'm new at this though, so I'm trying to cut myself some slack. But as I was on my computer working away—I'm an advertising writer—I got this urge to search for blogs. And I typed in the search term, "healing," to see what came up. A lot of course. But I was drawn to this one site for some reason. Now Steve and other healing teachers I have known will tell you NOTHING is a coincidence. And I believe this. So here is an excerpt from what I found. I included the link (Hope for Personal and Planetary Healing in 2008) so you can read the whole thing if you choose. It's from a woman named Mashubi Rochell.

"You feel a calling within, this is the voice of spirit urging you forward to new levels of self expression and sharing with others. Listen to the calling in your heart, which will lead you towards not only your own personal healing, but towards those new directions that can contribute positively to a new world. There are now multiple avenues of expression available to you, both by joining your consciousness with others to effect change, and also by offering inspired action towards a worthy cause. Go forth now and share with the world your beautiful and unique vision. Your positive thoughts, intentions and actions will bless others and bring great benefit to the world."

WOW. How is THAT for timing? I think it's cool how things come to you when you need them to. Start looking for these "coincidences," in your life. It's amazing when you see the puzzle coming together and you see how you have manifested things in your life. Susanne and I have started this blog as a way to, just for us, chart our progress, but also as a way to perhaps help others. And so Mashubi's post was "sent" to me with the perfection only the universe can offer up.

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