Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our first class

I am very open to this, even though a year ago, I'd have said you're nuts if you even mentioned I'd be doing any Shamanic anything. But I suppose life directs us to these things and so I am here. Susanne and I came together as a universal fate and her ties to Steve and Marcia got us started.
So our first class is simply the two of us. We're catching up since we missed the beginner's classes. Steve starts us off with learning to trust our intuition and inner knowledge. I am somewhat skeptical that I have any of either of those things. But I am game. He starts by showing us how to breathe. Yes. You need to breathe and while it seems a no-brainer, I soon realize I have not been doing it very well at all. Your breath is your life and sitting up straight, taking in breaths from your abdomen and filling in upward all the way into your shoulders is how it works. Then releasing the breath in the exact opposite way from top down. I already feel better. More relaxed. We do this quite a few times and I am in what Steve calls a "trance" state. Really? Hmm. We each are given a photo of someone that we do not look at. We hold it and ask for insight and information about the person. Steve has given us a sheet that tells us a few things to ask, like "what feeling do you get about this person?" "What color comes to mind for this person." Things like that. I, again, go along and amazingly enough, images pop into my head. I write them down, not knowing where this is headed. At the end, we tell Steve what we have "seen." And he reveals the person in the photo. I had Steve's son. And he proceeds to explain how many of the things I felt about him were right on. Up to an image of a boy with blondish/brown hair on some type of a surfboard. (Steve's son snowboards!) So this is where we start. Trusting that we each have knowledge and knowing inside if we allow it show up. If we allow ourselves to listen. Sitting quietly is key. Believing is key. Here I go. My life will never be the same.

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