Monday, June 16, 2008

An idea to consider

I have been reading a great book that just "chose" me last night. It is by Anthony De Mello, a Jesuit priest who has some kind of way about him to tell it like he sees it. Here is a link. It's called "Awareness."

I have been on a journey as you know and this is the next step for me. Understanding and becoming more aware of who I am. My Tai Chi instructor nailed it a few weeks ago when he said I needed to know myself before I could be happy and find the joy I have spent a lifetime searching for.

And lo and behold, this book finds me by De Mello.

So here is what I want you to consider:

You are not your body. Your body totally replenishes, changes, whatever you want to call it every 7 years. So you are not in the same body physically that you were 7 years ago. But you are still you, so consider you are not your body. Then who are you?

You are not your thoughts since those are created from what you have observed and learned over your lifetime but since they can change at a moment's notice and yet you are still you, you are not your thoughts. Then who are you?

You are bigger. You are greater. You are more. And the minute you can face those truths and realize your thoughts have been ruling your life and your body is a vessel, then you might be onto something. We all might.

If it intrigues you, read De Mello's book. He is no longer on this Earth, but his words are for humanity to hear.

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