Sunday, March 9, 2008

Channeling. Me?


We had another class with Steve and Marcia last Thursday night. As always, Steve never knows what he might teach until the moment it comes out of his mouth. Tonight it was all about channeling. Huh? Isn't that like the realm of psychics and gifted folks? I start to freak out. I start thinking how I can cheat. How can I get through it without anyone realizing I am a sham? A phony? A completely un-gifted human?

Steve starts by explaining. He says you can channel others by (with their permission of course) bringing in the while light in the top of your head and breathing it out through your navel. So you get that going and circulating and then, as you sit across from the other person, you start to channel that light out of your navel and into theirs. Then you allow yourself to go "into" their body and you start "seeing" through their eyes. You ask to feel what they feel and know what they know for purposes of healing. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SURE OF YOUR INTENT. This is pretty darned important. Use your gifts for good.

Then you just start speaking what you/they feel. What do you see? Feel? This is the lower/child self you are in touch with, so you probably get symbols and pictures.

Steve channeled a student in class first to demonstrate. His eyes are closed the whole time. He says, "I," a lot, as in he is her. He speaks of feet hurting, issues with children, a pain in the left shoulder. Then he expands way beyond...but he is so psychically gifted, I am not surprised. When he was done, he asked to heal anything that needed healing. (Since you are not actually the person, you can feel their dis-eases and pains without taking those dis-eases on and can therefore help heal them.)

The student said he was dead on. She had trouble with her feet, an old injury that was flaring up, and she did have issues that he nailed with her kids, etc.

Now it was our turn. YIKES. Now I am really sweating it. And I look over at Susanne, who looks as scared as me.

We pair up. I get a lady who is deeply intuitive. I can sense it. She is calm and nurturing. I ask her to go first please since I have not figured out yet how I can cheat on this thing.

I close my eyes and try to "open" up to her. "Let her in," I repeat over and over. I also try to not think of anything. To just "be."

WOW. She was right on. She saw me typing. She felt my nervousness. She knew I was having trouble communicating. All this and she had no idea I was a writer or that I was now starting my own business freelancing and was very nervous about getting work. I have been having a lot of trouble with my throat chakra--clearing my throat a lot, not getting words out, being very whisper-like in my voice....She got so much right. And she said I kept blocking her way. Yep. That's me. Not going to let you just roam around in all-access pass.

My turn. I apologize to her for getting the short straw with me. That I was a fraud. Sorry, sorry. I will do my best. I touch both her knees to try to get something. Anything. Then I start breathing and try to channel. But it is loud in the room. Everyone else is talking. Channeling. I get distracted. Shiny objects, so to speak, keep "calling" to me. Breathe darn it. FOCUS. I internally yell at myself. SEE SOMETHING, FEEL SOMETHING. PLEASE.

My hands. They feel heavy. So I tell her. Your hands are heavy. Maybe from carrying a heavy burden. And I feel an itch in the middle of my shoulders. It moved down to my right arm and hand. And eyes. Something about your eyes. Red. I see red. I see you sleeping happily. And green. The color green.

Now mind you, this is over about 5 minutes. It is PAINFULLY LONG.

Ok, I say. I'm done. I can't take it anymore. So....?

She said she has carpal tunnel and her hands always bother her! Plus she has an 11-month-old who she lifts a lot and he is heavy. (Holy cow) Plus, she needs more sleep and has been getting a bit more lately, so sleep does make her happy right now. The eye thing? Oh yes, my vision has been blurry and I don't know why, she says. Green? Oh, green is healing and I am trying to heal right now. WHAT THE?!?! Did I really do this? How? I was guessing. Just blabbering nonsense I thought. She also said she could feel me go into her, then out, back and forth as if I were trying to focus. And I was. I would get an image, then I would pull back and try to understand it. Plus, I kept getting distracted by my fellow students.

Is there a moral to this story? For me, it is again, to let go and believe. Trust instincts. Flow with it. It is all within us. All the time. Steve says the more we do this stuff the more we will open up and the more that will flow through us.

You're shaking your head, no....I can feel it. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But all I can say is that it happened. It did. I can't explain it, but I can keep pushing it. My journey is definitely moving in a direction. I am not standing still.

What about you? Is this helping you move? Trust yourself more? I hope so. Let's move together, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. I hope that you are able to "let go" and really take all this in so that you can teach me the next time you see me. I would give anything to live closer so we could experience this together. What an interesting class - you are lucky to have found this group. Kathy


yes, it is amazing stuff. And if I can practice on people, I can just get more open. But you should know that you can do this too. Try it. I know my blog isn't as instructional as a class, but perhaps it can help you start. We will find a weekend to get together and mess around with it. Ok?

Love you!