Friday, November 14, 2008

Whoa. Weird Shamanic session.

I went to see Steve Rogat yesterday for some Shamanic healing. I have been having such a knotted up back. Wasn't sure what that was all about, so he told me to come in. Now Steve never does body work on me, but this day he decided that was called for. I hopped up on the table and he bagen what felt like a normal hands on session. He did some poking around on the bottom of my feet and I almost came off the table. What the?!? I screamed at him. Stop. It hurts and I mean it. He explained that he was going up my arch and that those nerve endings corresponded to my spine. Well, that explains what I already knew. My back was messed up. Then he pushed on some spots on my legs and around the ankle area and then the back of my heel. OUCH. Hormonal issues he replied. Great. I'm old. Please, tell me more.

I could feel he was getting my muscles to let go because I started shaking or trembling a bit. That's what happens to me when I get energy and healing work. My muscles writhe as they release energy/emotion. But then something weird happened.

I started bawling. Blubbering is more exact. What did you do?! I cried. Why am I so sad all of a sudden? You're releasing old stuff, he said. This kind of went on for an hour. Me releasing.

I won't go into deeper detail 'cause you don't care and I don't wanna share all that mess. But suffice it to say, it was CRAZY. At one point I was shaking so violently I was actually scared. Never have I experienced anything like it. He also had me doing very fast and shallow breathing. He, being psychic, was channeling my feelings and my past emotions/thoughts from childhood. Things like, I am a burden. I should try to stay out of people's way. Stuff like that. Stuff I didn't recall, but that sure hit a chord once he spoke them. And he was moving energy down my body and doing that massage like body work the whole time. I could even hear him flicking off stuff, like he was clearing bad energy off me.

I was exhausted when it was over. But my back felt better and I knew I had some kind of important break through.

I think we could all use this work. We all have dramas and thoughts we went through or created as children and it's stuck in there if we didn't deal with it when it happened. Our bodies are energy and everything we go through stays with us if we don't let it go. All emotion is is energy. It gets imprinted on our energy field.

I think I have a few more sessions to get all my crap out, but at least now I know what seems to work for me.

I came home after the session and slept for 2 hours like a baby. Like I had been re-born. And in fact, while in session, I saw myself in the womb. (I know what you are thinking. She's nuts.) And I also saw myself as a light being before I chose to come into this world. Yeah, heavy stuff for sure. Real? Well, if you picture it, your brain doesn't know it isn't real. So yeah, I'd say it was real.

Want to have your own session with Steve? If you are in NC, I highly recommend you see him. His website is listed on the blog or you can click here. At the very least, it'll be an experience to tell your grandkids about, right?

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